AR Landscape Seasonal Maintenance Program


Lawn Maintenance (April – November) (26 weeks)
Lawn is mowed weekly or as needed
Grass is bagged and removed as needed unless otherwise discussed.
Grass will be string trimmed around fences, trees and playgrounds etc.
Driveways, walkways, patios etc., are edged and blown off weekly.
Bed maintenance is available weekly to control weeds and prune dead out of trees and shrubs.

Spring Clean-Up (April-May)
Lawn is raked and blown out to remove winter debris, leaves and sticks.
Dethatching is available to remove any dead grass, promoting new growth for your lawn.
Shrubs and bushes are untied and pruned to remove any dead, this will promote plant growth.
Beds are weeded and raked to remove unwanted debris and growth.
If there is an excess build up of old mulch, it will be turned and graded or removed.
The beds are cut out to define bed shape.
Mulch is applied.

Annuals (Late May – Early June)
Now is the best time to add color and contrast to your maturing landscape with annual plantings.

Trimming (Late June – Early August)
This is the best time to shape your landscape and prevent overgrowth in beds.
Plants will soon stop producing new growth for the season and begin to harden.
Bushes and hedges are trimmed and shaped as desired.
Small shrubs, trees and ornamental plants will be hand pruned to prevent over growth.
Beds will be weeded and all trimming debris removed.

Fall Clean-Up (Late October – November)
Cut back all perennials
Tie up shrubs and bushes for winter.
After leaves are down for the season, landscape beds and lawns are raked and blown out to remove leaves, sticks and fruit produced by deciduous trees and shrubs.
Upon request, gutters can be cleaned out for the winter.

Winter Snow Removal. (December – April)
Snow plowing is available for driveways and parking lots of any size.
Snow blowing and shoveling is available for walkways, patios and stamped concrete.

Salting and snow removal is available for commercial or residential properties.
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